Ha Dahamar Shrine Guide

Ha Dahamar Shrine Location

Ha Dahamar Shrine is located just across the road from the Dueling Peaks Stable, located on the other side of the peaks from the Dueling Peaks Tower. The entrance to the shrine is covered in spikes, so you will need to either glide across from higher ground (climb up to the plateau nearby) or place a platform using the Cryonis Rune to float over the spikes. Upon clearing the shrine, the spikes will disappear.

When entering this Shrine, you’ll be greeted by a row of waterfalls cascading onto platforms – the Cryonis Rune will be key here. At the first waterfall, place the rune on the floor of the water to build your platform up.

At the next waterfall, you’ll find only a steep drop – so how to proceed? As it turns out, the Cryonis Rune can extend a block of ice from any water source – even vertical. Aim it at the waterfall to extend a platform you can climb up onto and jump to the next platform.

Note: looking back, you can spot a chest on a higher platform up. To get up there, you’ll need to create two more Cryonis platforms in a step-like fashion, one on the left side of the falls, and the other above on the right to climb up to get the chest holding a Purple Rupee.

In the next area, the way to the monk is sealed, and the answer lies along the far back wall, filled by a waterfall, where a large sphere is dropped onto several slanted plates. Using the Cryonis Rune you’ll need to help guide the sphere down. Place one above the triangle to stop it and force it down, then place another below the triangle jutting off to the right to force it onto the next slope. If the slope threatens to overturn the sphere, brace it with another block, and finally extend a final block at the end of the last slope to give it one last platform to reach the receptacle and open the way.

Now you can meet Monk Ha Dahamar and get the Spirit Orb.

  1. First, you have to get there. This shrine is surrounded by spikes that you can’t jump over. Climb up to the cliff to the west and use your paraglider to soar over the spikes and get inside.
  2. Once you’re inside, pull up your cryonis — you’re going to be using it a lot. Stick to the right and follow the walkway deeper into the shrine. When you get to the shallow pool, create an ice block to let you continue.
  3. A little further along, there will be water streaming down the wall on your right. Create another ice block right on the wall and jump up to the platform.
  4. Turn around — there’s another platform above where you just came from with a chest. Create two more ice blocks on the wall to get you there. Open the chest for a purple rupee.
  5. Turn back around and climb about halfway up the wide stairs. Turn to your right to see the puzzle you have to solve.
  6. You have to create three more ice blocks — one to stop the ball and drop it onto the seesaw, one to prevent the seesaw from moving and one to bounce the ball into the bowl.
  7. When the door opens, head back down the stairs, then down the ramp on your left to get your well-earned spirit orb.