Hila Rao Shrine Guide

Breath of the Wild guide: Hila Rao shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Hila Rao is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named Drifting trial, is centered around navigating water using rafts and a combination of your Magnesis and Bomb rune abilities, too.

While there are no Runes or new abilities to unlock, as always you’ll get a Spirit Orb for your trouble, so get stacking for one of the game’s most useful currencies in Hila Rao Shrine Guide.

Where to find Hila Rao and how to Watch Out for the Flowers

This Shrine is located at Floret Sanbar, a small island in the Dueling Peaks region. To get there, go east of the Riverside Stable (where the Wahgo Katta shrine is also located) and you’ll see it around less than a minute away next to the river.

Swim across, and as soon as you get close, someone nearby named Magda will stop you, and asks you not to step on the flowers as part of a Shrine Quest.

This is essentially a maze that should be easy to find your way round. A path should lead you to close to Shrine, but there will be no way to go right. Instead, go left and work your way round the back of the Shrine.

On the way you’ll come across several Chuchu, which should go down in a single swipe, but make sure you don’t step off the path by accident. There’s a Farmer’s Pitchfork also sticking out of a flowerbed, which you can retrieve with your Magnesis tool without getting close if you want it.

Also beware of the tiny patch of flowers that’s just in front of where you step into the Shrine. If you step on the flowers here or at any other point, you have to restart this (thankfully short) challenge over.

Hila Rao Drifting Shrine Guide
  • The first step of this shrine is getting past Magda who is very protective of her flowers. There’s no getting around her, just don’t step on the flowers. No seriously, don’t step on her flowers.
  • Inside is pretty straightforward. At the first pool of water, just wait for the plank to float past, hop on and go through the door. (Alternately, you use your cryonis to drop a block of ice in the middle and use that to climb across.)
  • Repeat the process at the next, wider, channel. Just work your way forward and to the right, then wait until the planks deliver you to do the door on the other side.
  • The next room has a circulating pool that will take a little more work. First, watch for the chest and use your cryonis to create a block of ice under it. Open it for some ice arrows.
  • Next, you have to blow up the cracked wall on the far side of the room. You can toss one of your remote bombs in and detonate it in front of the wall or use a fire arrow to shoot one of the floating explosive barrels.
  • Once the wall is destroyed, climb through and continue forward to claim your spirit orb.
  • Once you’re back out, watch out for Magda’s flowers again.