Shee Vaneer Shrine - Zelda BotW

The Shee Vaneer Shrine is one of the shrines in the Dueling Peaks region of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This page is the guide on how to find and solve the Shee Vaneer Shrine Puzzle. This shrine is connected to the Shee Venath Shrine by a special ball puzzle that must be solved in both shrines for a total of two ghost balls. 

Location: The Shee Vaneer Shrine is located on the southern summit of the Dueling Peaks. It can be seen across the valley when you stand at the Shee Venath Shrine. The easier entry ascent is the southwest ascent.
When you enter the Shee Vaneer Shrine, you will see a sign that says the two shrines on the Duealing Peaks are connected. This shrine and the shrine on the other peak, Shee Venath Shrine, are connected. 

There are small bowl-shaped holes on the bottom that make a 5 x 5 square. Five spheres light up these bowls. Take the elevator up and mark the placement of the balls in the bowls. 

While you're up here, you can paraglide around the edge where there's a treasure with an eight-fold long blade. 

Here's the spoiler: You have to make the floor in Shee Venath look like the floor in Shee Vaneer and vice versa. 

The pattern in this shrine is actually the solution for the Shee Venath Shrine. With the layout you noted down, go to Shee Venath Shrine, mark its pattern, and then move the orbs to match the Shee Vaneer Shrine's original layout.