Ta'loh Naeg Shrine

Breath of the Wild guide: Ta’Loh Naeg Shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Ta’Loh Naeg’s teaching

Where to find Ta’loh Naeg

The Ta’loh Naeg shrine is located within the Dueling Peaks region, specifically due north of Kakariko Village, which you’ll visit at an early stage of the main story. To get there, head nort-east of the Duelnig Peaks Tower, or due north from Dueling Peaks Stable, which has a road that leads through the surrounding mountains directly to the village.

Once in Kakariko Village, the Shrine is on your right, raised up just out of sight on a ledge. Climb up directly north of the town, and you’ll soon find it, directly above a building in the grassy hills.

There’s no puzzle to solve here in order to access the shrine, so simply dive in when you’re ready – note that weapons are provided inside, too, so there’s no need to prepare.

Ta’loh Naeg and Ta’loh Naeg’s Teaching trial solution

Inside Ta’loh Naeg shrine you’ll find two chests: to your left, one that contains a shield, and to the right one that contains a sword. Ahead of you, lies a semi-functional machine. Approach it to start the trial.

The basic task here is to follow the instructions for performing certain combat moves: a dodge, a backflip, and a counter.

To dodge, hold down the block button and then press jump and either left or right to hop in that direction. Time it right, then hit the machine, to move onto the next.

  • Side hop. Target your enemy with ZL, move left or right, press X to jump.
  • Backflip. Target your enemy with ZL, move away from your enemy, press X to jump.

Press Y to follow up side hop and backflip with a flurry rush, which lets you wack away several times at your enemy as time slows down.

  • Perfect guard. Target your enemy with ZL, press A to parry with your shield.
  • Charged attacks. Hold Y to build your power, then release to attack.

We’ve found none of these moves particularly easy to execute. After dozens and dozens of hours into Breath of the Wild, we’re as likely to get hit while doing a backflip than we are to get a flurry rush. Still, there’s something appealing about them, and we keep trying.